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Started by Nespresso, June 13, 2024, 03:19:03 PM

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In-Game name: Nespresso
Age: 35
Country: Argentina
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:595839608
How long have you been playing in =XA= servers: a few days ago!
Why do you want to join =XA=?: I like the way the maps are rotated. I like the "piss" mod, I played with XA-Alejo a few rounds today and the members of the XA clan were all very nice during the afternoon today. I would like to have a chance to be part of the community. I really liked the introduction on the page about the clan, being good people and playing
Have you been a member of any clan(s) other than =XA=?: Yes/No. If yes, which clan(s)? Yes i was member from uG | and admin (Ultimate Gamers) and after this clan i was member from Saint | and admin too. I have a long experience from amxmodmenu.
Are you currently a member of any other clan? No
Tell us a little bit more about yourself: I am a very good person, teammate. I have been playing CS 1.6 for more than 6 years. I've never played CS2. I just love spending time playing CS 1.6. I'm not a very good player, but I do consider myself a correct and kind person. I hope you can get to know me better, I almost always play at night in Argentina (around 9 pm east). I see them as a very united community. I am friendly, I like to make friends with the players. I hope they accept me.
References (Optional):

=XA= Alejo

Hola Nespresso!

Please don't get discouraged by this, but need to hang with us for a bit longer before applying for XA membership. That way we get to know each other and make sure that there is a good fit (both ways of course... You need to check if this is the right place for you). We are a big community with all sort of specimens, but overall we try to keep a good vibe. 

In the meantime, here are a few tips:

If Steve talks to you, change your name to "Nespresso - No sound"
If Hammy talks to you, it always ends in a dicc pic request
If lulA is around, avoid any interaction. She's scary crazy
If Chuck talks to you, RUN
Zork is a robot, doesn't speak human
Fud is allowed to take naps during random rounds
... This could go on for too long!

Let's keep this application open and come back in a couple of months to remind us about it!

Hope to see you in server!


Thks Alejo for your advices!!
I am sure i will, last night we play a lot of rounds. Great maps, there was a few members who saw me playing.

I will.

Thks for everything!
See you on the server!!

=XA= A$$-KicKeR

100% agreed with Alejo's tips, here are a few extra but very important tips:

If you see Alejo, knife him and type "hahahaha".
If you see $pirit, knife him and type "lmao rekt".
If you see Chuck, piss on him (if the piss plugin is working) and run for your life!
If you see me, just shoot. I'm a free kill ;)

How do you embarrass an archaeologist? Give him a used tampon and ask him which period it came from.


Thks XA Kicker!!!

I will take this on mind.  :)

We played a few rounds together this days ago, and i will keep playing. As i said i love it the maps on your server, a few maps i doesnt know too much but i will soon.

You are so nicely with each others.
Thks for the advices!

See you on game.

=XA= Chuck

Also if you piss on me make sure = XA=Alejo's not behind you if he is by all means do NOT bend over. LOL




hahahahha Lol.

I will, thks to alls for the advices!!

See you this night at server, i always play after dinner on Argentina, Buenos Aires.

About 8:00 PM (Texas Time)

See you at server.
Take Care!


=XA= A$$-KicKeR

I vouch for Nespresso, he's been active on the server and he's been cool with everyone  8)
How do you embarrass an archaeologist? Give him a used tampon and ask him which period it came from.


Thks Kicker!!!

Yeah i am trying  to have fun allmost all days i play at server!!  8)  :D  thks buddy

=XA= lulA.

I vouche for Nes too. Nice guy, and he love us, why dont love him back?

Nos vemos en el server!  8)


Thks lula!! see you at server for sure !  :)

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