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=XA= cluBEAR:
In-Game name: cluBEAR
Age: 34
Country: USA
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:8404471
How long have you been playing in =XA= servers: a few months
Why do you want to join =XA=?: i always have fun in the server with everyone
Have you been a member of any clan(s) other than =XA=?: Yes/No. If yes, which clan(s)? too many to remember
Are you currently a member of any other clan? no
Tell us a little bit more about yourself: been playing CS since 1999 when it was counter forces not counter strike
References (Optional):

=XA= xoxide:

=XA= Alejo:
Thanks for applying, cluBEAR.


Stop trying so hard!

=XA= xoxide:
you have 2 owner vouches and you already agreed to the rules, so you can tag up. Welcome to XA

=XA= cluBEAR:
thank you!


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