Started by Vvas73d, July 24, 2022, 10:12:43 PM

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In-Game name: vVas73d_ttv


Country: USA

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:67014554

How long have you been playing in =XA= servers: 1 month

Why do you want to join =XA=?; The people , and the energy in your servers.

Have you been a member of any clan(s) other than =XA=?: Yes/No. If yes, which clan(s)? No

Are you currently a member of any other clan? No

Tell us a little bit more about yourself: Theres not alot of genuine people in this world. In fact, most people are pretty toxic. The XA members i have had the pleasure of becoming friends with and enjoyed playing with come rare. I am a twitch affiliate and use my stream to promote positivity in this world. after my daughter passed away 8 years ago i hit rock bottom pretty bad, turned to drugs, lost sight of the real picture in my life and was a very selfish person who did alot of bad things, through the struggles and obstacles i endured on the wrong path i lost my life to drug addiction. But god blessed me with a second chance. ive been clean 4 years a single father and have full custody of my nine year old son. i also own my own business and just recently bought my house in Daytona beach fl. long story short that second chance that god blessed me with i now spend my days pushing my blessings forward, and have become a very selfless person other then the selfish one i was and care more for others then i do myself. that being said i think alot of your clan members are just as caring and reliable to pick the person up beside them to make them even better as people and as players in the gaming community I've witnessed it in server and its the sole reason i want to join.  Thank you

References (Optional):  They know who i am but im requesting to join for myself :)  thank you all.  from vVas73d to you God bless

=XA= Alejo


I saw you in the server last night and I have to say that it was super fun. You are a good player and nice person. You seem to have the right fit, but I don't recall to have ever seen you before. You'll probably need to spend a little more time with us, so we get to know you better. Lets wait for other members vouch/opinion.

Thank you for your interest in joining our community!

=XA= e-tard

I've known him a while and he'd be a good fit.
Just my opinion.

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