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Author Topic: Doctor Kari's AMAZING Application  (Read 1545 times)

Offline =XA= Doctor Kari

Doctor Kari's AMAZING Application
« on: July 24, 2022, 02:46:40 AM »
In-Game name: Doctor Kari
Age: 38
Country: Does Texas count still?
Steam ID: 76561197968153381
How long have you been playing in =XA= servers: ~3 1/2 years
Why do you want to join =XA=?: Because I think everyone is pretty rad. Even original_mind, but only when he isn't singing.
Have you been a member of any clan(s) other than =XA=?: Yeah but I can't remember the name of it since it was like 20 years ago and I've drank a few bottles of whiskey since then.
Are you currently a member of any other clan? Negative.
Tell us a little bit more about yourself: My middle name is Kari. My first name is a noun AND a verb. One day I'd like to be a stand-up comedian. I enjoy playing poker, pool, and tennis in my spare time and making strangers on the Internet feel awkward but smile.
References (Optional): Bex, probably Anger Steve (this was a typo but I'm leaving it), definitely not Alejo, FUD
« Last Edit: July 24, 2022, 02:57:03 AM by Doctor Kari »

"Hey RUSS, when you go to Applebee's, do they always give you the wrong order?" - JAWS

Offline =XA= Alejo

Re: Doctor Kari's AMAZING Application
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2022, 11:37:21 PM »
Wait a second....  Where is that goddam prescription we spoke about??

Approved and welcome to XA brother!  I am glad to see you becoming part of the family!

Since you already did your homework on introducing yourself and agreeing with the rules, you can go ahead and tag up.

Offline =XA= Doctor Kari

Re: Doctor Kari's AMAZING Application
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2022, 12:18:44 AM »
T_T I'm so happy.

And we talked about this Alejo. That 'script only works in pharmacies in Mexico and MAYBE Canada. And I won't say what for here because I do adhere to the doctor/patient confidentiality rule.

OH that reminds me, original_mind, we got those low-t booster shots in the other day so stop by the office any time you like.

"Hey RUSS, when you go to Applebee's, do they always give you the wrong order?" - JAWS


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