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Server complaints/ Suggestions / Re: fake ping
« Last post by =XA= Chuck on Today at 09:45:57 AM »
But jadon LOVES the piss you should here him when he gets pissed on or he piss on me or you or a few other places he gets the giggles.  LOL
Server complaints/ Suggestions / Re: fake ping
« Last post by =XA= Bootyman on Today at 07:30:49 AM »
admin listen is actually so admins can read the team chat for all teams so we can prevent ghosting and such..

i hate getting blocked so i love that about our server.

and piss is annoying af i agree and if anything were to be removed id vote for that 100%
Server complaints/ Suggestions / Re: fake ping
« Last post by =XA= Chuck on June 28, 2017, 11:08:42 PM »
We have and no change players didn't notice a differance.  Plus our servers have been set with these same mods for YEARS  so my old saying is if not broken don't fix it.

Also we have other servers without money starting at 16k or some of those mods.

Server complaints/ Suggestions / Re: fake ping
« Last post by riley on June 28, 2017, 10:32:17 PM »
I know this is kinda... old BUT to quote chuck

Plugin list and what they do from what I understand.  (standard server)

The cool sounds we hear IE "Headshot" etc...

Put the weapon on the backs of the players they buy

This one is edit out becasue someone said it caused another problem
which I forgot what it was so it is not being used.

We all know what this is for and the reason why I would like to keep it

So the same team can run through each other. This stops noobs from blocking doorways and helps stop players from boosting their teammates for glitches in maps

This start everyone at $16,000

This runs our ad in the chat line

This is what the adminsd see's once dead the red and blue lines to help with wallers

This also helps with wallers

For admins to chect of IP changing

The bomb timer we see at the bottom of our screens to know when the bomb goes boom

/rc to rese players score

when a player dies what ever nades they have drop and can picked up by other players

LOL  pissing on a player

runs ads

this is the votemap plugin

don't know if still needed or not but this help stoped the rcon generators we were having a problem
with someone getting rcon and crashing the servers all the time buit once i put this plugin on it stopped.

not being used but it was the one that listed the round in color each time

our spam filter.  (for chat)

know clan that hack and or names we don't like and they get changed by this plugin

Shows our rules

The plugin allows admins to see all the chat messages and also listen all the voices.

resets the /top15 on the first of the month

Fake ping... really not that necessary, you can easily tell when someone has lag or just terrible rates/interp set.

backweapons... again not really all that necessary.

restrictnames... How does this actually function? Does it just change peoples name or remove them from the server? If the former I'd say that's something for admins to take care of.

adminlisten: can this be accomplished with out the plugin? Isn't alltalk already on in standard anyways?

piss... again... not really necessary and the spam is mildly annoying. x is pissing on y x is pissing on y.

I'd say that semi-clip should be turned off too. While annoying getting blocked is part of 'standard' play.

16k every turn isn't really that necessary either. sv_startmoney 16000 and then let the chips fall where they may IMO.

I would try a simple test of running the server for a week or two with the aforementioned mods commented out and how people think the server 'feels'.

EDIT: There was no rule about 'necro' threads and with this and another thread clearly visable I figured replaying to the newest one would be the best route for this.
XA's Tournament for all section / Re: Week 1 Schedule @ Inferno
« Last post by =XA= SSUETIAN on June 20, 2017, 09:02:09 AM »
 good luck
XA's Tournament for all section / Re: Tournament is now cancelled
« Last post by $pirit on June 20, 2017, 01:01:31 AM »
I don't usually do this, so it might be rough around the edges.

Ok, here it goes. I was looking forward to the tournament. Some part of me knew that it would never work, but the effort that you guys put into it was commendable. Especially, Asskicker!! That guy really put himself out there for XA's sake.

Broadcasting the tournament and a fancy web module for just the tournament where players could interact are 2 core things missing this time around. Good effort overall. Some parts could be improved upon, and I'm sure they will be rectified in the future.
XA's Tournament for all section / Re: Week 1 Schedule @ Inferno
« Last post by =XA= ODELL [sT] on June 19, 2017, 07:02:38 PM »
madshot pm me
XA's Tournament for all section / Re: Tournament is now cancelled
« Last post by =XA= ODELL [sT] on June 19, 2017, 07:02:02 PM »

 Amazing work on all avenues. You put countless hours into this beast. Myself and I'm sure many others are very thankful. It doesn't go unnoticed.

cheers brother
XA's Tournament for all section / Tournament is now cancelled
« Last post by =XA= Bl^st on June 19, 2017, 06:43:00 PM »
Very sorry to say but with the lack of interest and only about three teams that I have communication with, we are cancelling the tournament. Hopefully we can put another one on in the future if we can get some better set up for communicating.
XA's Tournament for all section / Re: Week 1 Schedule @ Inferno
« Last post by =XA= MaDDsHoTT[^g] on June 19, 2017, 12:30:31 AM »
OMG! I didn't know about this! I want/wanted in! don't know if it's too late.
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