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* Clan XA - Xtreme Assassins

What is Clan XA?
Webster's Dictionary defines Clan as: "(klan) n. A large group of people who are related to each other by a common ancestor." We are related, not by a common ancestor, but by a common goal. Common meaning: "having to do with, belonging to, or used by an entire community." We are the community of the Xtreme Assassins. Our goal is to work together to make this the best clan in the Counter-Strike world. Size and numbers do not matter, but quality of character does. Nobody has to be a master at the game of Counter-Strike, but if we all work together, we will all improve individually and as a clan. The most important parts of being in this clan are participation and a willingness to learn.

Learn to be a better player and a better person. Learn new skills and tactics. Know every corner of every map. Do not condemn anybody inside or outside of the clan. Communicate with each other on and off the server and make it a true clan and family. There is no room in XA for those who cannot get along with fellow clan members.

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of Clan Xtreme Assassins and help it become the best that the world has ever seen? Only hard work, patience and dedication will take this clan to the top.

Long live Xtreme Assassins!

The Counter-Strike TOP 100 Sites
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=XA= Executive Leader
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=XA= Owner
admin =XA= AnGrY StEvE
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=XA= Alejo admin =XA= Alejo
=XA= Owner
admin =XA= akoz
=XA= Staff
admin =XA= xoxide
=XA= Owner
=XA= TeD.BeeZy.33 admin =XA= TeD.BeeZy.33
=XA= Sergeant of War
=XA= St0rmZ_[G] admin =XA= St0rmZ_[G]
=XA= Sergeant of War
=XA= C-Bud admin =XA= C-Bud
=XA= Sergeant of War
admin =XA= NathanielDanielTV
=XA= Staff
=XA= Leader
=XA= Digital lmod =XA= Digital
=XA= Sergeant of War
lmod =XA= A$$-KicKeR
=XA= Server Admin
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